Students' HousingKSMU guarantees all International students with furnished hostel accommodation. There are 6 residence halls with a total capacity of more than 2000 students. This assures that every student has a place in a room close to the University.

The University residences provide students with experiences that will help them to develop responsible attitudes towards their fellow students. It attempts to provide a relaxing and calm atmosphere for study and day-to-day living.

Rooms are fully furnished and attached with a bathroom and toilet. Common kitchens are available on each floor. All Hostel buildings are central heated and having hot and cold running water. Hostel no: 4 and 5 are 9-floor buildings with 24 hours lift facilities. Hostel no: 4 is situated 10minutes away from the main premises and all other hostels are attached to the main university building.

Rooms are fully furnished and attached with a bathroom and toilet.Approx. 85% of our students live in college resident halls; the rest commute either from off-campus housing or from home. Students are provided with hostel accommodation in double rooms (one room shared by two students)

The following fees scheduled applies per academic year

• For a Place in a double room of 12sq.m. 150USD (or 300USD per room)
• For a place in a double room of 18sq.m. 225USD (or 450USD per room)

Charges include security service, electricity, gas and linen service.

Applicants interested in obtaining married student housing should inform and take approval from Hostel deans Office. (Official proof of marriage has to be attached with parental permission)

Most students live in hostels for the first two years, although off-campus housing is readily available. Students easily find fully furnished apartments surrounded to the university premises, for an affordable price. (**60$-100$ per month)

Usually, apartments available for International Students are fully furnished and available with the facilities of telephone, central heaters, gas, hot & cold running water………..est.

** Prices mentioned above are valid from July 2003 and subject to changes without notice.