If you have chosen ENGLISH as the medium of studies at KSMU, you have to study at Premedical Faculty as follows.

      KSMU Premedical

You have more than all “C” (Credit) passes for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English in you’re A/Ls

Intensive Russian Language Program


You have less than “C”(Credit) mark, ONLY for Physics in your AL
Intensive Russian Language Program
Intensive Physics Program (2-6 months)

General Medicine (MD)
Dentistry (DDS)
Pharmacy (MSc.Pharm)

You have less than “C”(Credit) mark, for one or more subjects from Biology, Chemistry.


Complete Premedical Program (10months)



What & How long you have to study at Premedical Faculty (2 months – 1 academic year) is decided by your results in Secondary Education Certificate (AL).
The subject to be studied during Complete Premedical Program (10months) :

1. Russian Language & Culture.
2. Mathematics (in English Language).
3. Biology (in English Language).
4. Chemistry (in English Language).
5. Physics (in English Language).
6. Russian culture (in English Language)

Note :- above requirements and rules of admissions to KSMU are valid for 2008/2009 academic year and might change annually.