KSMU has 28 affiliated hospital partners that provide a range of diverse training opportunities for medical students and residents. The University and its hospital partners are sponsored by the Russian Government.

Kursk Regional Hospital, Kursk Railway Hospital, Pediatric Hospital, BCMP Hospital, Volokno Hospital, Zadovoya Hospital, Hospital of Infectious Diseases, Pediatric & Gynecological Hospital are key members of Kursk health care system.

All hospitals are well equipped with modern technical and medical equipments, modern Operation Theaters, Intensive Care Units, Words, Laboratories, MRI, CT Scanning, X-ray, Ultrasound Diagnostics operates…etc.

Each year thousands of surgical procedures performed in the operating rooms, ranging from routine surgery to complex cardiac, vascular, urological, traumatic and neuro-surgical cases.

Hospitals specialize in patient care, education and medical research across a broad scope of health programs. They consist of more than 20 speciality departments and health programs dedicated to medical research. The departments at hospitals have made many strides towards the understanding and treatment of many illnesses and would like to share its medical research and information with KSMU students.

The future of medicine depends on a large part upon the strength and vitality of its teaching programs. Hospitals play a leading role in educating the nation’s future health care professionals. The teaching hospitals are proud of the foundation and knowledge it gives the professionals they train. KSMU is equally proud of what these individuals, in turn, give to the community.