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KSMU Alumni from Sri Lanka

As of this publication, more than 5,000 students were studying at KSMU and out of them, nearly 800 were International Students and out them, more than 250 were Sri Lankans.

What Our Leading Alumni Said:

Lavanya Rajagopalan
“Once I achieved all 4 A passes, for my A/L I guessed my dreams came through.
I was searching for a good Medical Institution that could make me an internationally reputed doctor. I found it here at KSMU. I am really proud of my decision in choosing KSMU.”
Lavanya Rajagopalan – 2nd year, Medical Faculty -KSMU
The year 2003 – Lyceum International School, Nugegods, SL
Rifaz Mohamed Rifnaz
“This is a great opportunity I had in my life. The best education is given by KSMU Professors, which enrich practical skills to motivate me to study harder”
Rifaz Mohamed Rifnaz – 2nd year, Medical Faculty -KSMU
The year 2002 – Royal College, Colombo, SL
Tharanga P. Fernando
“My name is Tharanga…I’m a Student of KSMU…..I entered the University in the year 2003 as a First year Medical Student. While I was successfully continuing my studies I met with the most unfortunate event in my lifetime…
Tharanga P. Fernando – 2nd Year, Medical Faculty -KSMU
The year 2002 – Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo, SL
Dan Anuj Kant
“I checked every Medical College in the world for the Best Medical Degree at the lowest price & found it in KSMU”
Dan Anuj Kant – 2nd year, Medical Faculty -KSMU
Resident from India

Sirkina Irina Alexsevna
“It’s an honour to work with such great Professors who have helped change the face of modern medicine. The World-renowned Faculty of KSMU makes it one of the Best Medical Colleges in our country”
Sirkina Irina Alexsevna – 3rd Year – Medical Faculty, KSMU
A resident of Bryansk, Russia
Hermali Gunawardena
“KSMU encouraged me to pursue my other interests outside Medicine and still maintain top-grades. If you are imaginative, persevering and motivated, KSMU is the place for you “
Hermali Gunawardena, 3rd Year – KSMU
Head Prefect , 2000 – Devi Balika Vidyalaya ,Colombo, SL
Sivalingam Navarajeen
“KSMU provided me with a great opportunity to study among students all around the world & it’s Worldwide Recognition opened me new paths to follow my higher studies & Employment in a European Country”
Sivalingam Navarajeen – 3rd Year, KSMU
The year 2000 – D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo, SL
Raminda Katuwala
” The importance of imagination, openness and flexibility of mind, integrity, initiative, respect for self and others are taught here at KSMU from the very first day. I have achieved more at KSMU than I ever thought possible “
Raminda Katuwala -6th Year-KSMU
The year 1997 -Royal College, Colombo, SL
Mrs. Shani Liyanage
“I’ve just got transferred from Moscow and I’m amazed to find how safe it is here. I am totally at ease, even if I have to walk home at night. It’s also a bonus that the people are really friendly”
Adhishani (Shani) Liyanage – 4th Year, KSMU
Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo, SL 
Ms. K. M. Ruwani Sajeeka Perera
“Kursk is the international centre for higher education. It is a city of colour and contrast, of ancient history and 21st-century modernity, a melting pot of the world’s cultures and nationalities and there is absolutely a no better option.”
K. M. Ruwani Sajeeka Perera – 4th Year, KSMU
Year 2002 – Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo

Ms. Inushka Erandhi Nanayakkara
“Living and studying in Kursk enabled me to gain much more than a qualification. It helped me broaden my experience of life and not only acquire knowledge and practical skills but also widen my horizons by living in the joys of a city rich in history and culture. Kursk is a truly cosmopolitan city and I meet people from all walks of life and ethnic background who study, live or work here”
Inushka Erandhi Nanayakkara – 4th Year, KSMU
Year 2002 – Rathnawali Balika Vidyalaya, Gampaha
Ms. Praneetha Seenivasan
“I am very satisfied with KSMU and especially with the lecturers. The advantage of being in such an international location is that we have teachers who gained their higher studies from many countries, and so we can get exposure to many different viewpoints.”
Praneetha Seenivasan – 4th Year, KSMU
St. Cecilia’s Girls School, Batticaloa
Mr. Lakshitha Sanjeewa Mudunkotuwa
“This study abroad experience is more than I could have asked for! Dr. YASOBA’s office really helped with it and made me feel like home. The staff of KSMU are great too; like a second family. THANK YOU Dr. Yasoba!!!!”
Lakshitha Sanjeewa Mudunkotuwa – 4th Year, KSMU
D.S. Senanayake Vidyalaya, Colombo
Mr. Ameer Hamza Haares
“The education standards in KSMU are high and as a foreign student, you get the opportunity to see the possibilities that you may achieve if you work hard and stay focused.
KSMU offers everything a student can want – education, fun, ethnic food…and if you ever get lonely, there is always a part of the student body that has a large number of people from your country – so KSMU itself can always offer a home away from home”
Ameer Hamza Haares, 4th Year, KSMU
Royal Institute, Colombo – 2004
Ms. Amila Udayangani Liyanage
“I read about Russian history before coming here, but did not get enough time to acquire deeper knowledge about the country. This country is wonderful and people are generous.
Kursk is a safe, quiet, calm, friendly environment dedicated specially for studies. With many attractions nearby, we can combine fun with studying.”
Amila Udayangani Liyanage, 4th year, KSMU
Musaeus College, Colombo – 2004
Ms. Fronza Banu Junaid
“KSMU offers lots of variety and flexibility. I like the way it is structured; The level of the classes is just what I expected from a university and the library and computer labs help me get my work done.”
Fronza Banu Junaid – 4th Year, KSMU
Kandy Girls High School – 2003
Ms. Kandasamy Niluja
“The university has a very good reputation and its Medical school is ranked among the best in the Russian Federation. Furthermore, the university is very internationally orientated.”
Kandasamy Niluja – 3rd year, KSMU
Rambaikulam Girls Maha Vidyalayam – 2004
Mr. Karthik Tharmalingam
“I have been here now for over a year, and I can confirm that the organization is very professional with a motivating emphasis on studies. The campus can be characterized as a compact educational city and it wasn’t very hard for me to settle into this new environment.”
Karthik Tharmalingam, 2nd year, KSMU
Puthukkudiyiruppu Maha Vidyalayam, Mullaitivu, 2004

Other Sri Lankan Students:

Gunawardena Nadisha Hermali
E.A. Ruwantha Edirisinghe
Dedigamuwa Acharige Oditha Ireshan Karunananda
Sharvanandha Sinthuja
Sivalingam Navarajeen
Tharmalingam Karthik
Jayaweera Bandara Anju Dheeshana Jayaweera Bandara
Ameer Hamza M. Haares
Mohamed Imthiyaz Mohomed Insaf
Ramathas Nishanthan
Malaweera Arachchige Sashi Prabani Abegunawardana
Soris Dishanthi Sonali
Lavanya Rajagopala
Sriranganathan Peethamparam
Dodampahage Tharanga Priyadarshini Fernando
Niluja Kandasamy
Rifaz Mohamed Rifnaz
Hasani Eranthi Hewavitharana
Dan Anuj Kant Ms. Mathumiya Sivarajah
Kanahara Mudiyanselage Ruwani Sajeeka Perera
P.G. Lalith Charitha Karunarathne
Inushka Erandhi Nanayakkara
Ahamed Ilyas Ahamed Irshad
Praneetha Seenivasan
Sivagnanasuntharam Seralathan
Lakshita Sajeewa Mudunkotuwa
Abdul Wahid Mohamed Sameer
Masilamany Prabakaran
Kariyawasam Kalpa
Apputhurai Rajeshwaran
Fathima Afza Afzal
Wijethunga Mudiyanselage Nimal Chamila Kumara
Rajeeve Sabanathan
Abuthahir Mohamed Fawaz
Denesh Anusha Sandamalie Oyahabada Gedara
Fronza Banu Junaid
Weerasekera Helarisi Helinda Bandara
Nathali D. Ariyaratne
Mohamed Rafeek Mohamed Ruzaik

Ampagoda Liyanage Amila Udayangani
Meerrah Arumaithurai
Abeyratne Michael Jehan Atygalla
Sriskantharajah Lakshmanan
Sivapathasundaram Vijineetha
Halanayakage Niluka Roshani

Manchanda Rajan

Howpe Liyanage Udyogi Adhishani