English Medium Under Graduate Programs

An applicant can choose Medicine, Pharmacy or Stomatology (Dentistry) as the English medium Undergraduate Program at KSMU.


The program is designed to train qualified physicians oriented to the practice of medicine. Standardized patients are used to evaluating medical students and residents’ ability to take patient histories, communicate with patients, determine diagnosis and treatment. The curriculum offers a six-year program leading to a DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (MD) Degree.


The Pharmaceutical Faculty prepares the students for a career in pharmacy with a thorough understanding of drugs and diseases. The curriculum promotes interaction between pharmacists and other health professionals. The pharmacy curriculum offers a professional five-year program leading to a MASTER OF PHARMACY (Pharm. D.) Degree


The Faculty offers a five-year program of Stomatology. The teaching-learning process is meant to emphasize the development of practical competence. Careful attention is given to the development of the student’s personality and work habits, stressing on the personal skill that are key factors for successful careers.