The Kursk State Medical University is one of the acclaimed Russian state universities for its dynamic academic medicine and health care. Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 1The University is found in February 1935, sponsored by the Russian government and the FIRST University in Russia to begin English medium education. It has won the GOLD MEDAL for the Best Medical Faculty in Russia and accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Educational – Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), General Medical Council in the UK, International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and local medical councils such as in Sri Lanka etc.

Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 2

The Annual Conference of KSMU took place at the HAMPSTEAD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE – Kandy, on 23rd December 2007. It was organized by the Sri Lankan Representative of KSMU, Dr. Yasoba Atukorale and the Director of SLBFE, Mr. Edward Weerasinghe. The conference was attended by over 20 delegates from Sri Lanka and Russia. Distinguished Hon. Chief Minister Mr. Sarath Ekanayake, The Dean of KSMU Prof. Lyashev Yuri Dmitriyevich, Chief of International Department of KSMU Mr. Iobidze Yuri Shalvovich and some officials related to Health and Educational Ministries of Sri Lanka.

Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 3After Hoisting Sri Lankan and Russian flags, Traditional Oil Lamp was lighted and discussions began. Chief Minister thanked the Russian Officials for the quality education provided for over 250 Sri Lankan students by KSMU. Major steps have taken to improve the relationship between Sri Lankan and Russian Health Sectors. Also, no of parents got the opportunity to talk directly to KSMU Officials and collect academic records of their children who presently study at KSMU. Prospective Applicants were participating to get first-hand information and for spot admissions.


Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 4Today the alumnae of KSMU, serving diseased all around the world. The University conducts counselling on preparing for PLAB, USMLE and AMC Exams. Therefore its students get a great opportunity of practising medicine in the US, UK, Canada or Australia after graduation.

One of the main reasons that foreign students choose KSMU to study medicine is its affordable tuition fee structure despite global recognition and the location. Kursk is a bordering city to Ukraine and located 450 km south from Moscow, where everyday living is relatively cheap.

Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 5No of new applicants joined KSMU on the same day. According to the International recognition, KSMU strictly considers prospective students to have a minimum of 3 C passes (Bio Scheme) from local or London A/L, as a basic qualification in admission. NO student can apply to KSMU only with his/her O/L results. Premedical Program has been introduced only for students with less than 3C passes in A/L’s but with good O/L results.


Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 6This year KSMU officers had special attention on the fact of malpractices happening in Sri Lanka, using the name of KSMU. Officials have received a number of complaints concerning malpractices. Therefore the university authority made a statement to Sri Lankan media mentioning that there are NO exams of KSMU conducting in Sri Lanka related to KSMU Admission.

Also requested prospective applicants to be aware that most of the malpractice Sri Lankan institutes use to direct applicants to Byelorussian universities, initially promising KSMU. Further, there is a legal bank transferring system in Sri Lanka where applicants directly can pay their fees to Trans Russian co., without handing money to locals.


Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 8Sri Lankan community has been educated on the admission procedure and requested to contact KSMU in case of clarification required. Sri Lankan Representative Office in KSMU can be reached on 007-9103187372 or through the web:

Continued … (Above is an English translation of articles published on 30th DEC 2007 – Sunday Lakbima and 27th January 2008 – Sunday Lankadeepa)

Conference of the Kursk State Medical University 2007 - 9