Kursk State Medical University is one of the most prestigious medical universities in Russia. It is sponsored by the Russian Government and founded in 1935. Kursk State Medical University is the First University in Russia to begin Graduate programs in English Medium. It’s the Gold Medal winner for the Best Medical University in Russia. KSMU is recognized by WHO, BMC, EU and the Sri Lankan Medical Council.

Presently KSMU holds the highest number of Foreign Medical Student community in Russia and annually over 500 students are admitted to 14 Faculties, 70 Departments of this University.

Today over 230 Sri Lankan students are registered and studying in this university.

The Annual Conference of KSMU was held on 30th July at B.M.I.C.H, Colombo with the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor of KSMU – Prof. U. Zalavitch, A Representative of the International Students Department of KSMU – M. Chahine, The Sri Lankan Representative and an Intern of KSMU – Dr. Yasoba N. Atukorale, A Senior Lecturer of Kelaniya & Peradeninya Universities – Dr. K.B. Fransis, The Former President of Sri Lankan Students Community and the Secretary of Sri Lankan Medical Graduates Society – Dr. Raminda Katuwala and many more distinguished guests.

Also, the hall was crowded by the present students of KSMU and their parents, with Graduates of KSMU who are successfully practising medicine at home and some prospective students.

The Hon. Vice-Chancellor of KSMU – Prof. U. Zalavitch and other chief guests have been ushered by Dr. Atukorale, and Keep protecting national traditions by lighting the Traditional Oil Lamp conference began.

Dr. Atukorale , the Sri Lankan Representative of the University has given discretion about studies in Russia and the university. Further, he elaborated the details by a video & Slide program. Accords to his address, presently more than 6000 students are studying at KSMU and out of them, nearly 230 are Sri Lankans. Also during the past few years, not less than 100 students have been graduated from KSMU and now practising medicine all around the globe.

“KSMU is a leading university in Russia teaching in English Medium. Presently there are a number of students who graduated from KSMU and perform well in Sri Lanka. Therefore we will not hesitate to recommend this university as one of the best Medical Colleges in the world.” Chancellor of KSMU – Prof. U. Zalavitch said awarding Excellent Sri Lankan Students with Certificates.

“According to the competition of education in Sri Lanka, we couldn’t guarantee & it’s very hard to enter to a local university. So, this is a golden opportunity for students with required qualifications to enter KSMU and earn a world-recognized Degree”, Dr. K.B. Fransis said.

Dr. Katuwala, Former President of Sri Lankan Students community at KSMU told “our graduates are now successfully working in most developed countries like Australia, England, Canada, America, Malaysia and enjoy the success of carrier by being a medical graduate of KSMU. This is more than enough to prove how internationally KSMU Degree is recognized with guaranteed success. my self today successfully practising medicine in the local government sector.”

Mr. S. Mudunkotuwa, a Parent of one of the senior medical students mentioned “it’s a great opportunity for Sri Lankan Students, since KSMU offer its service in English Medium for an affordable rate as 18, 000 USD for all 6 years. It’s a great opportunity that Dr. Atukorale is also an Intern of KSMU who lives with our children, who is very cooperative with all the students all the time and takes care of our children during the study programs”.

“It is also my duty is to provide educational guidance to SL students, seeking admission to KSMU, as well as to minimize illegal immigration acts under the name of KSMU. For the convenience of prospective students, I have appointed & authorized some of the leading Student recruiting companies from many districts of the island, to work with me. This recommended agents list is also available at KSMU official website. Sri Lankans are always welcome to directly contact me regarding inquiries, registrations or the details of malpractices under the name of KSMU” Dr. Atukorale said.

He thourally mentioned “According to the International recognition, we strictly consider prospective students to have a minimum of 3 C passes (Bio Scheme) from local or London A/L, as a basic qualification in admission. NO student can apply to KSMU only with his/her O/L results. Premedical Program has been introduced only for students with less than 3C passes in A/L’s but with good O/L results”.

Further Dr. Atukorale has been supporting Sri Lankan students in many ways, also has been involved in awarding scholarship opportunities to Sri Lankans considering their academic achievements. A family member of one full Scholarship holder thanked the Vice-Chancellor for offering Full Scholarship to Ms.Tharanga Fernando considering her academic achievements. Like every year, this year also the International Department of KSMU looking forward to offering some merit-based scholarships to Sri Lankans.

KSMU has started registration prospective students for 2006/2007. Online Admission is available through the web www.ksmu.info . Dr.Atukorale mentioned that all details and schedules of KSMU are available online. Further, the prospective students are welcome to contact the Sri Lankan Representative’s office directly on (011) 2807686 or 077-6081194.

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